The “Programme Durable®”

More “ecological” doesn’t mean less expensive or no maintenance!!!

The “Programme Durable®”

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More “ecological” doesn’t mean less expensive or no maintenance!!!

The concept of creating, renovating and maintaining sport surfaces as practised by Sport International is above all pragmatic and well conceived. Relying on its vast knowledge of the specificities of sport terrains, the consortium adopts techniques and alternatives designed to economise water, minimise the release of toxins into the environment and limit mechanical interventions entailing energy consumption and the production of waste products, such as mowing operations.

The techniques and products that are deemed ecological and typically used in gardens and green spaces are not well-adapted for use on sporting terrains, which being very used required better-adapted treatments.

Turf for sporting terrains must answer to other criteria:

  • Athletic quality and safety of users (evenness, density of the ground cover, roll, etc.)
  • Visual appearance (colour, tolerance of close mowing, etc.)
  • • Resistance to trampling, tearing (rooting density and depth)
  • Drainage

An efficient ecological maintenance will be facilitated if the surface is designed and developed in this spirit from the start.

Programme Durable® rests on 4 principles :

Water management

Energy management

Waste management

Soil management