Innovation is omnipresent in the Sport International consortium.

Research and Development projects are carried out at different levels:

  • Within the companies,
  • At the consortium level,
  • Through partnerships with specialist suppliers, schools, universities and outside laboratories.

The end-result is patented innovations, specialised techniques and trademarks. The consortium has developed effective techniques and machines. Most of the projects are realised using exclusive, high-quality products that are specific to sport surfaces.

Some of Sport International’s patents, brands and solutions:

  • Drainage: Draingazon and Drain Laser®
  • Gazon 100 Jours®
  • The PureSeed range of distinctive seeds
  • The FertiSport® Equilibre range of technical fertilisers
  • RénoTurf®
  • Maintenance (Green Tonic and Vertisol)
  • DiatoSol®: Revolutionary soil-enrichment product
  • Substrat S.I® and Substrat Ré-G®
  • Paint (Interligne), Watering systems
  • AquaTrack® and NaturTrack