The members of the Sport International consortium specialise in creating, renovating and maintaining sport and equestrian surfaces.

They are especially known for their innovation in natural and artificial turf, as well as sandy and reinforced soil creation. They use techniques and alternatives perfected and shared within the consortium.

We create, renovate and maintain:

  • football and rugby fields (big stadiums, training centres, and grounds for towns of all sizes)
  • indoor and outdoor riding arenas, trotting, gallop, endurance and cross-country tracks
  • golf courses
  • multisport facilities and local terrains, playgrounds, BMX tracks
  • tennis courts
  • running tracks
  • reinforced surfaces (recreational paths, bike paths, etc.)

Sport International’s role revolves around 3 axes:

  1. Guidance of partner companies :
    • Provision of technical advice and concrete answers in their daily projects,
    • Technical and commercial support,
    • Verification of Sport International’s various specifications and techniques throughout construction projects,
    • Consultation and maintenance of the various facilities
    • Coordination and direction of group activities
    • Participation in trade fairs and organisation of technical seminars
  2. Research and Development:
    • Devising innovative alternatives for the creation, renovation and maintenance of natural and synthetic sporting grounds,
    • Technology scouting,
    • Development and enhancement of specialised equipment and machines,
    • Identifying new partners in France and abroad.
  3. Consultation, training and in-house/outside expertise:
    • Training in athletic terrains, in-house (consortium) or outside (in the community),
    • Training Provider No 53 29 07314 29,
    • Participation in various standardisation projects for the French authority (AFNOR) and for professional qualifications,
    • Conducting audits of local authorities in order to help them identify their sporting ground needs in consultation with their Clubs,
    • Technical trainings to teach the staff of local authorities how to optimally maintain their sport facilitie.