The “Sport International Spirit”
is what defines
the consortium

A Culture of Results:

Together, our dynamic companies are able to brainstorm and commit themselves to the improvement of techniques, the development of their savoir-faire and tomorrow’s machines, as well as the betterment of the safety and longevity of their finished products. Each company contributes, through its individual expertise, to developing the aggregate experience of the Consortium. Each endowed with specific equipment and abilities, the companies are nevertheless able to unite their efforts according to project needs.

An Approach Tailored to Suit Your Needs

Sport International closely follows the expectations of project developers and users. A preliminary appraisal is conducted, and we provide consultation before, during and after completion. Cognizant of the concerns of local authorities and regional directors, Sport International always offers a pragmatic and reasoned approach. As a first step, our technicians evaluate the different factors, such as the sporting level, the site environment, your budget, the means within your disposal for maintenance, etc.

Safety and Quality First

Whatever the techniques and products employed, Sport International offers proven solutions, aligned with sporting regulations and existing standards.